Wednesday, November 29

Ice Skating

Yet, again, sorry I have not written for a while but I wanted to say: I LOVE ICE SKATING. I have been a couple of times recently and loved it, now I have my own ice skates. I have found out there are loads of accessories you can have, I asked for some for Christmas. Anyway, look at these.

Saturday, October 28

I found a site where you can make your very own glitter creations. My one is below, but you can draw your very own one. They do really sparkle, it just will not show right now. Sorry!

Sunday, October 8

Button maker

I went to this button maker site, which I thought was quite good, I found it when I went to miniroommaker. Here is an example.

Create doll makers and dress up dolls with

Sunday, October 1


Rebecca told me about Gaia some time ago, and now they have revamped it so it is a lot better. For one thing, they have a daily give. I like this idea, although I never get anything good from it. I still don't see how some people can have so much money. Do they go around shaking trees all of the time?
I think gaia is a good site, but I think there should be slightly easier ways to get money.

Saturday, September 30

Next miniroom

Yes, I have finally got around to it! Can you remember who you were meant to find?

Also, have you seen the new addition to the sidebar?

Friday, September 29


You may know this from Petrona, But I am learning Latin at my knew school. i really like, we are learning about a real person living in ancient Rome, he was a banker and his name was Caecilius.
Anyway, on the search for a Latin dictionary and a learn Italian book, we found Harrius Potter et Philosiphi Lapis (Harry Potter in Latin). I had some trouble reading it, but I think it will help me a lot with Latin.
To see an extract from Harrius Potter et Philosiphi Lapis visit Petrona

Saturday, September 23


I have not posted for months and months, I know, but I have been so busy! You may have noticed the new template, finally there are some nice colours!! Thank you Blogger beta! Anyway, I have been really busy in the summer and I had a great birthday. I am now 11!
This seems a bit strange after so long, but the next competition is designing your own ride for a theme park. What would yours be?

Monday, July 3

Next competition!

So, I am not sure is a week has past yet, but I have another question for you. This week, I am going to ask you to do something that minx set me on my post about sorting people into Hogwarts houses. Her question was, if you could have your own Horgwarts house, what would it be called?
I thought about this question alot, but I still cannot think of an answer. I know that my animal would be a Robyn, and my colours would be turquoise and silver or purple and silver but I cannot think of a name.
What would you do? Please comment with your ideas. This site might come in handy, as J.K Rowling uses Latin in her names.

Tuesday, June 27

mini room

Here is the next mini room! Its the first to comment so be quick!!

Weekly(ish!) competition!

I have decided to have a weekly-ish competition. This means I will have a project each week, and you can comment with your ideas. The ish part means I will probably not manage to think of something for every week, but for every so often. You can comment telling me about your idea, or post a picture if you can. Anyway, to start off, I am celebrating the world cup month, so I have decided for you to design a football kit for your dream team. For an example, look at my one below. Please comment!!