Saturday, October 28

I found a site where you can make your very own glitter creations. My one is below, but you can draw your very own one. They do really sparkle, it just will not show right now. Sorry!

Sunday, October 8

Button maker

I went to this button maker site, which I thought was quite good, I found it when I went to miniroommaker. Here is an example.

Create doll makers and dress up dolls with

Sunday, October 1


Rebecca told me about Gaia some time ago, and now they have revamped it so it is a lot better. For one thing, they have a daily give. I like this idea, although I never get anything good from it. I still don't see how some people can have so much money. Do they go around shaking trees all of the time?
I think gaia is a good site, but I think there should be slightly easier ways to get money.