Monday, February 27

So, the winter olympics is over. In a way it makes me sad:( Great Britain only won one medal then. But ohwell, it is good that we even won any medals I suppose, so huge thanks to Shelly Rudman (wherever you are)for winning us that silver. I really enjoyed watching it, anyway, especially the ice scating (which I adored) and enjoying it is more important than winning medals, right?(not sure what most people would think)I wish I could be in the winter olympics, (winter, not summer and, obviously, when I am old enough, but I would have to wait four years anyway) it would be fun, and it would be great to represent Great Britain. Who knows, maybe someday...
I really liked the ariels (skiing up to a jump, then doing flips an spins in the air) aswell. I thought that the snowboarding cross(four people racng on snowboards) final was funny aswell. I almost know the end of that commentry of by heart (laugh)...
As I said, It makes me feel sad that I have to wait another four years untill the next winter olympics, but the summer olympics is only in two years, and if the winter olympics happened all of the time, then there would be nothing to look forward to, right?

Thursday, February 23

2006 Winter Games Doodle

You know google do all of those winter olympics logos now? Well here is a link so you can see all of them.It is called 2006 Winter Games Doodle.


I am sorry that I have not written in ages.I have been ill, which means I lie onthe sofa reading picture books and listening to tapes. Despite being ill at the end of it, I had a good half term, in which I brought a really nice bookmark(that is a bit random).So february's end is drawing near, which means the results for secondary school come in less than a week. It is funny that they do it this early in the year, isn't it? So that makes me REALLY nervous....and I do not feel that good, so I do not think I am quite as happy as could be right now...

Sunday, February 12


I have just found a website called Flickr. It is a website based on pictures. This picture was put on to Flickr on 12th August ,which is my birthday!

Tuesday, February 7


So, February has begun. I know it is a little late for that, but I have not written since January. Today ,I am ill, so I am staying home from school. It is sad really, because it is my sisters birthday. I cannot wait untill she gets home from school, because I really want to see her reaction to all of her presents. I got her an acrylic paint set , and a sheet of laminated paper with 15 things I like about her written down on it.
The picture opposite is of an amethyst, which is the birthstone of the month. If I remember, then at the beginning of each month, I shall put up a picture of the birthstone for that month.