Tuesday, January 31

Random Hello

Yes,I know the title is strange, but I really do not have much to say. Anyway,I just finished Fruits Basket 12 : ( . That makes me very sad. I wonder how long it will be untill book 13 comes out? Not much news that I know of yet, but I am sure some will come out soon.
I know it is the 31 st today, but I am rather pleased with myself for writing back before february.
It takes me ages to write a blog, which is the main reasonI do not write that often. I am a really slow typer!

Sunday, January 22

Fruits basket

Hello!It is not February yet is it?I am meant to write every day,and I do not,but atleast I write more often then once a month!
Any way,I said I read a manga book, but I did not say it was the best book in the world!It was called Fruits basket.I recomend it to a wide range of people (mostly teenagers).The people on the right are the characters from book one (They go up to 12 in Engand).The names of the characters are:Yuki,Shigure,Kyo,Kagura and Tohru. Shigure is the tallest of the boys.Yuki has black hair and Kyo has red. Tohru is the slightly tallest of the girls.
Kagura does not come into it much,she appears near the end. Tohru is the main character,she lives in a tent at the start of the story, and ends up living with the Sohmas (Shigure,Kyo and Yuki).I really want to read book two, but it is nowhere in the shops,so it is on order,but it will probly take a really long time to get to my house.It is on order with books three and four,so I brought books five and six.Then , I received books eight ,nine and ten.Then, book seven ,then books eleven and twelve, so yousee I am in a tight situation here .I need books four,three and mostly two!!!

All about me

All about me

On Friday, I went to Izzy's house after school, and we showed her how to set up a blog. She has now got her own blog, called "all about me".

Wednesday, January 18

Luna Lovegood

I just found this.The last sentence is the most interesting .

Newsround has a new update on the audition process for the role of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The report says that after Saturdays open call where some 15,000 girls auditioned, the filmmakers have narrowed the field down to 400 girls in the next step to casting the part of the eccentric Ravenclaw student in the new Harry Potter film. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is due to start filming in February.

Saturday, January 14

Narnia movie 2

I just found this! I love the Narnia film and books!

Following the impressive box office success of The Chronicles of Narnia , the film's producers have already announced that they will make a sequel.
The Chronicles of Narnia has earned more than $475 million in the US, which is enough to convince producers to invest in a follow-up. The original cost of the film was $180 million, so the film has more than doubled the initial investment.
Producers have not yet named a director for the sequel, however Andrew Adamson, who directed Narnia will not be returning.
The sequel will be called Prince Caspian, which will be adapted for the screen from the fourth book of the Chronicles of Narnia series. The new entry will follow the film's heros as they return to Narnia centuries after their first visit, to come to the aid of Prince Caspian, who is battling the armies of his Uncle Miraz.
Filming for Prince Caspian is set to begin at the end of 2006, and the film should ready for audiences by Christmas, 2007.

Having a break

I am sorry I have not been writing entries in here for a long time.I have been really busy (yes,I know that that is the usual excuse!).Any way ,I have read a really good manga book(everything about me seems to be about manga) and seen the famous nintendo DS which every one got for christmas.
I was determind to think that the nintendo DS would be exactly the same as the gameboy advance (which I already have). However,I have to admit,it was really cool.The main difference between DS and GBA is that theDS has two screens.At first I thought "What is the point?"but I gradually became aware of the advantages of having two screens.Also,one is a touch screen.
Anyway,I will try and write back soon,but it will probably be in about february.....