Saturday, January 14

Having a break

I am sorry I have not been writing entries in here for a long time.I have been really busy (yes,I know that that is the usual excuse!).Any way ,I have read a really good manga book(everything about me seems to be about manga) and seen the famous nintendo DS which every one got for christmas.
I was determind to think that the nintendo DS would be exactly the same as the gameboy advance (which I already have). However,I have to admit,it was really cool.The main difference between DS and GBA is that theDS has two screens.At first I thought "What is the point?"but I gradually became aware of the advantages of having two screens.Also,one is a touch screen.
Anyway,I will try and write back soon,but it will probably be in about february.....

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Maxine said...

I love reading your posts, Jenny! And I hope you enjoy playing with your friends' Nintendo DSs. Glad you are having a lot of fun with your GBA as well.
Lots of love, Mummy xxxxxx