Monday, December 26

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a great success. I got lots of surprises as well as what was on my list! I got: a sticker maker, two GBA games, a phone, sticker album, dvds 9f Madagascar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hello Kitty computer game, a Japanese backwards book called "Fruits Basket" and lots more.

The night of Christmas eve I thought I would wake up so early the next day, but actually I had to be woken by my sister. As soon as I woke up I saw a stocking filled with lovely presents. I hastily grabbed it and was in a great rush to open the presents.

As Christmas day went on, it got better and better, and I really enjoyed all the magical moments. At the end of the day, we watched Lord of the Rings 2 (the Two Towers) as we had watched number 1 (Fellowship of the Ring) the evening before. It was really fun watching it.

I am really sad that christmas day is over,now I have to wait a whole year for christmas to come back again.

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Maxine said...

It was very nice to read about your Christmas Day, Jenny. I am really glad you liked your presents and enjoyed the day.
Love from Mummy.