Wednesday, June 14

Rice ball recipe

My best friend Lydia has made a club called the united rice balls, all about rice balls. I joined because I like rice balls too, and this means that I am second-in-command. I will write more about the united rice balls later, but the point of this post is that I was looking for rice ball recipes and I found this, which maybe you would like to see. I am not sure if I will ever try it, but you might, so here is the recipe. I searched by hardest for a simple way!

How to make a rice ball: the simple way

1.Cook some rice, in a rice cooker, if you have one. If you do not, the rice ball may not come out as well, but it should be fine
2.While the rice is cooking, decide what you are going to have inside the rice ball, and cut it into a small strip. It can be fish, any vegetables, seaweed or plum, which is also particularly nice. If you want, you can choose something else, but it might not taste good. Just experiment.
3.When the rice is cooked, sprinkle a bit of salt on it to give it some flavour.
4.Mould the rice into a ball and stick your strip of something onto the back of it.
5.Eat the rice ball. Hope you enjoy it!


R.R.S. said...

Sounds abit like sushi.

Jenii said...

it is a type of sushi

Beth said...

I think you can also use the same type of rice that you use for sushi -looks to expert for confirmation-

Nice recipe, by the way. I've also read that it's a good idea to dip your hands in saltwater while making them.