Thursday, March 2

Secondary schools

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I got into nonsuch, my first prefrence of school. I am so happy that I cannot contain my happiness (a year of tutoring really pays of). I really thought I had not passed. You know people cry when theyare happy, well, I could not even cry I was so happy. I cannot wait until tomorrow, then I can tell all of my friends. I know I passed the tiifin test aswell, but I much prefer nonsuch, so that is that. Apart from that, life is a great big smiley face. I found out today that we are going to do Robin Hood for our production. I want to be Robin Hood, maid Marian or will scarlet. Also in my last few entries I do not know if I fully established that I am better and back at school. I AM SO HAPPY!!!

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Maxine said...

And I am happy for you too, Jenny. Well done to you!