Monday, May 29


Reveiwtopia!!! is my knew blog. That does not mean I am abanonning this one, my other one is especially for reviews. I may write on reveiwtopia!!! more though, because I find I do not have much to write about on The Little Hibiscus Fairy. I liked the idea my mum gave to Rebecca about having a mini room every week with something hidden that you have to find. I would like to have something like that.Got any ideas?


Maxine said...

Puzzle of the week.
Quiz of the week.
Poll of the week.
Maybe you could ask Rebecca if she is going to do my rooms idea and if she isn't, then you could do it?
How about photo of the week? People could upload a photo to your flickr area and you could judge the best each week? (don't know if you can actually do this on flickr, sorry).

Jenii said...

no, you cannot do that on Flickr, but I did like te room idea

Jenii said...