Monday, July 3

Next competition!

So, I am not sure is a week has past yet, but I have another question for you. This week, I am going to ask you to do something that minx set me on my post about sorting people into Hogwarts houses. Her question was, if you could have your own Horgwarts house, what would it be called?
I thought about this question alot, but I still cannot think of an answer. I know that my animal would be a Robyn, and my colours would be turquoise and silver or purple and silver but I cannot think of a name.
What would you do? Please comment with your ideas. This site might come in handy, as J.K Rowling uses Latin in her names.


Maxine said...

My symbol would be a ring, my colours would be blue and silver, and my house name would be Catherjennerine.

Susan said...

My symbol would be a cudgel, my colours green and gold, and my bird a crow. I think I would call the house Congestus Corvus, although that name might need some tidying up by someone who actually studied Latin!

Debra Hamel said...

I'm having problems with this. Since the Hogwarts houses each have a quality with which they're associated--bravery, intelligence, etc.--I figure that my quality would be diligence. Hmmm. Maybe, therefore, the house should be Sisyphus! Though of course that has negative implications. Don't know about an animal....

crimeficreader said...

Hi Jenii,
I'm sorry, I can't enter your competition as I'm not familiar with Harry Potter.
At school, my house was Alavon (the same one my mother had been in) and we had red as our colour. I think I'd stay the same today and make the Welsh dragon the symbol. I hope they're doing better today, as they tended to come last or last but one when I was at school, especially on Sports Day. The girls in Goronwy and Islwyn had a much better time when it came to winning!

I hope you enjoy your new school. I'm sure it will be fun! And good luck with the Latin!

James Long said...

well now - my actual school experience of house was to go from blue Lions to blue Ruddell to green Knapp-Fisher. None of those are particularly interesting.

For a Hogwarts house, I think I'd have a house with loyalty as the core value, and the colours would be dark red (maroon) and chocolate brown, the symbol would be links in a chain (or, conversely, an elephant), and the name would be... hmmm... Cartedorus

Jenny D said...

My symbol (of course!) is an open book, my animal is the cat (a cougar by preference--or puma is the other name for this kind of wildcat), and my colors also are gold and green--they are actually off my beloved grandmother's wedding china, the remnants of which have descended to me. And the name of my Hogwarts house is Virtus--courage.

(That's good news about the Latin and French--those are languages I took also, especially French--at university I learned some Russian which was very exciting but difficult. When I was little I had a tape called "Teach Yourself Italian" that I used to listen to before I went to bed, but I really don't know any Italian at all! However you will have many changes to learn it once you've finished school, I wouldn't worry about not being able to fit it in now.)

Lee said...

My house would definitely be named Sloth, though I struggle valiantly to overcome it. I'd have to ask family members about its Latin equivalent, however, since most of my university Latin has subsequently fled. Perhaps a name for Bad Memory would be more appropriate!

Colours, black and silver. Symbol, fountain pen. And like Susan, crow. (Hm...maybe a glittery piece of bottle glass or shiny trinket would be a better symbol, I'm always collecting bits & pieces for my notebooks.)

My daughter Abby's doing Latin and Spanish. She says to tell you from bitter experience: keep up with the vocabulary! And she also wanted Italian, but was offered Japanese instead ... odd, eh?

And from Abby's brother, who speaks most of the Romance languages, the following message: once you've got Latin and French, Italian will be no problem to pick up later on.