Saturday, September 23


I have not posted for months and months, I know, but I have been so busy! You may have noticed the new template, finally there are some nice colours!! Thank you Blogger beta! Anyway, I have been really busy in the summer and I had a great birthday. I am now 11!
This seems a bit strange after so long, but the next competition is designing your own ride for a theme park. What would yours be?


Maxine said...

Hello Jenny, I love the colours. I think the background is beautiful and the text colours show up very well. You are an excellent designer. Look forward to the competition!
Maxine xxx

Jenny Davidson said...

Hello there, nice colors, & happy birthday after the fact!

Maxine said...

By the way, my ride would be flying on a dragon. If it was very hot, you'd be fanned by the wings.

It might also be fun to have a roundabout like the one in the Thief Lord, and a stone lion ride like The Flowing Queen. A book-themed theme park!