Tuesday, April 25


Sorry I have not written in ages. I do have an excuse this time though: I have been really busy in the easter holidays, plus I went to centre parcs, which was brilliant. I am starting to regret taking Izzy though, she is bullying me now, for pointless reasons of her own. She is bullying me with her usual group of friends, Freya, Katie L, and last but most certainly not least (If you called her least she would get really angry and throw a tantrum) Jenny W, another Jenny.
I have also made a friend in America, Molly, on Flickr. Molly is really nice and is as mad on Fruits Basket as I am. I am really glad I have real friends like Lydia, Hannah, Fern, Ruby and Molly to help me when people I thought were my friends are bullying me.


Maxine said...

I am so sorry to read this, Jenny. I know you want to sort out this problem yourself, but let me know if I can help. What mean girls.

As you say, it is good that you have such nice, real friends. And it was great to discover Molly! I hope she writes to you again on Flickr.

R.R.S. said...

I too have a problem with bullying for almost all of my classmates bully me and are not that smart so you can imagine the bad insults they always give me example from today, "your mama's so poor her suuny D has no sun in it." Well it went something lie that any way.

Deblog's daughter, rebecca.

R.R.S. said...

I made a few typing mistakes, lies was supposed to be likes and suuny was supposed to be sunny.